Hello, I'm Ben

I'm a UX + Product Design Leader with nearly 20 years of diverse industry experience. 

I'm currently Director of Design for Adobe Spark. I've managed and led multi-disciplinary teams from creative software to consumer electronics to commerce. I'm passionate about making complex systems simple, enabling new opportunities through innovative services, and, of course, designing beautiful experiences that bring value and delight to users.




I have over 20 years of design-related experience in a variety of environments: international corporations, start-ups, agencies and as a small business owner. I've made stops along the way at Adobe, LG Electronics, eBay, Razorfish, and Gap, to name a few, and have consulted for numerous Fortune 500 and startups from retail to social media to finance. My experience as a visual, interaction, and product designer grounds my perspective throughout all phases of UX.



As a leader, I've held management positions, where I'm comfortable building, growing, and establishing visions for design teams and projects. My leadership is exemplified by fostering cross-functional relationships, evangelizing design and design culture, and always advocating user first. I gain great satisfaction bringing people together to discuss design challenges by facilitating workshops, ideation sessions, or hack-a-thons.


Design and product development is a continuous cycle of concept, build, test, learn. I've used Design Thinking as an opportunity to include, inspire, and inform business partners on how to solve common problems. This has resulted in better alignment of goals/expectations, more effective and higher quality of output, and encourages innovation through "Design-led" projects.

Featured Work

Below are some snippets of projects over the past few years. More detail and projects are available.


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